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Snack Wise On The Snow With Pistachios

Stay on piste with pistachios: Smart après ski snack suggestions from Accredited Practising Dietitian and Author of The Clean Separation, Kara Landau.

A day or two of junk food on the slopes isn’t going to kill you, but there are better ways to replenish your body’s energy reserves and give it the protein and carbohydrates it deserves so you can finally tackle the black run or that weird and wonderful trail off the track.

Healthier snack options don’t have to be boring. For example, eating in-shell pistachios is fun, as you have to crack open the shell before consuming the kernel. Wonderful Pistachios provides flavours for wise snackers who want to jazz up cocktail hour: go for Salt & Pepper or Roasted & Salted.

Roasted and salted pistachios may also be a more natural way to get back the important nutrients you lose during exercise – like sodium – compared to popular sports drinks on the market. A serving of pistachios provides 160mg of sodium[1] with about 2g[2] of naturally occurring sugars.  A serving of a popular sports drink provides around 167mg[3] of sodium with a whopping 34g[4] of added sugar.

Kara Landau is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who works with Wonderful Pistachios to help consumers make smart snack choices.


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