SKINS coldblack® Keeps You Cooler When Training in the Sun

Thanks to SKINS coldblack® you’ll stay cooler this summer, when training in the sun.

SKINS coldblack®  features all of the compression and sun protection benefits of the SKINS A400 products, with the added benefit of keeping you cooler in the sun.
Dynamic gradient compression gets more oxygen-filled blood to your active muscles for increased power and stamina. Memory MX fabric maximises your stability and control while channelling the direction of your core muscles. What all this equates to is less lactic acid build-up, less muscle vibration and less pain in the morning.

SKINS coldblack® technology reduces the absorption of the sun’s rays, meaning the fabric will heat up less and you stay cooler in the sun – in fact, up to 5°C cooler!

All SKINS compression garments offer 50+ UV protection, which means your skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

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