Shape Me by Susie Burrell

Take control of Your Food, Your Body and Your Life

Introducing Shape Me, The 30 Day Plan by Susie Burrell Leading Australian dietician Susie Burrell wants to give control back to busy Australians and offer simple food strategies for them to manage their health – not just this summer, but for life.

In an online market where consumers are often confused by conflicting messages around food labels, diets and promises of transformations, Shape Me, The 30 Day Plan, offers sustainable, simple advice. With her focus on eating for health and wellbeing, Susie’s program is holistic and targets all aspects of diet, exercise and the psychology of weight loss. Susie believes in giving people options they can implement, rather than restrictions.

Launched in 2014, Shape Me teaches you to eat well by balancing food groups and understanding portion control. With over 500 recipes that cater to a range of dietary requirements including Low FODMAP, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options, Shape Me gives you the freedom to develop a meal plan based on your food preferences, intolerances, calorie requirements, activity levels, age, gender and goals.

With a focus on personalisation and accessibility, the plan can be downloaded to your desktop, smart phone or tablet giving you access to the program with full support wherever you are. People can start Shape Me when they want, where they want, and with the convenience of direct, daily access to Susie who personally guides users.

“Shape Me allows you to develop your own nutritionally sound, calorie controlled meal plan to help you achieve the goals you have for your body. This may mean weight loss, or to manage your gluten intolerance. It may help you write your weekly shopping list, or to simply have direct access to an expert to ask all those specific questions. Shape Me is designed to be your own dietician anywhere, anytime,” says Susie Burrell.

Joining Shape Me this Spring/Summer gives users access to a free additional Shape Me 7 Day Reset Plan to kickstart their journey. Three e-Books, entitled Your Food, Your Body and Getting Motivated are now available through the side, alongside new features such as a goal and weight tracker, meal planning guidelines, community forums and tips to help you shop.

Shape Me costs $99.00 for 30 days, and is available at online.

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