Recovery Tea By The Organic Trainer

You can get an upper from a cuppa: introducing The Organic Trainer, Australia’s first range of teas to help aid exercise recovery

Forget a high tea, the new all-natural exercise teas from The Organic Trainer are designed to provide a natural tea high and are providing a welcomed, natural alternative recovery drink for fitness clubs, studios and trainers.

Australian made, each blend brings together organic ingredients that help the body to recover after a workout and the range is quickly being embraced by retail stockists and gym cafes.

The creator of the range, Andrew Smith, said the exercise teas fill a gap in the fitness market for a recovery aid that is sugar-free, organic and natural.

“18 months ago I realised I was wheat and diary intolerant and couldn’t find something I could have after a workout that would help with my recovery, so with the help of a personal trainer and naturopath we created an all natural and delicious exercise tea range. It’s also very important that all of our teas are sugar-free so you can drink them without worry. Some of the supplements or recovery drinks on the market today have up to 35g of sugar in a 600ml drink so you’re actually putting sugar into you body right after you’ve been trying to burn it all off with a workout.”

Naturopath Maya Muckalt said by using organic and natural ingredients the teas boost the body’s natural healing process after a workout.

“Our ingredients work with the body to naturally help it repair after a workout or provide a healthy energy boost. Ingredients such as turmeric, lemongrass and ginger act as an anti-inflammatory, we use peppermint to reduce bloating and aid digestion, hibiscus and green tea, which contain antioxidants and can help with weight loss and improve digestion” said Maya.

“The organic ingredients have been carefully selected from a trusted, certified organic supplier based in New South Wales. We are extremely careful when blending together the tea to ensure we follow strict guidelines.”

Early adopters include the Powerliving Yoga Studio in Bondi Beach (NSW), the Real Food Organic health food café in South Yarra (VIC) and The Woodshed gym café in Brighton (VIC).

Blends include:

  • Berry + Hibiscus– this blend has a distinct berry taste and the key ingredients include energising green tea and ginseng for a natural boost, hibiscus to aid digestion and reduce inflammation along with soothing, pain-relieving ginger. Turmeric is also included, which has long been used in Chinese and Indian medicines as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This tea contains flavonoids for their antioxidant effects.
  • Ginger + Lemongrass– our signature blend with its zingy taste. This blend mixes stimulating green tea leaves and ginseng with the power of lemongrass, which can reduce the build up of abdominal fat, and ginger to relieve swelling and pain. Also contains turmeric and flavonoids.

A 100g canister of loose-leaf exercise tea retails for $26.95 and provides approximately 33 serves – competitive wholesale pries are available enabling good returns. Multi-packs and a beautiful glass and wood tea flask are also available.

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