Queenax – Format Frames

Why should kids have all the fun?

Queenax’s innovative new range of functional fitness frames, the Format, provide gyms with a playground solution. Help your clients rediscover the functional possibilities of their bodies: teach them to swing, jump and play, bringing them back to the movements that came so easily as children.

The Format frames range in size from a 4 person training station up to 34 people training at once.

The shape can be rectangular, and without any central beams the space underneath can be reused when the frame is not needed. Or for that wow factor, try the hexagonal frame, which allows training both on and around the frame and also inside the central area.

Queenax - Functional Format Fitness Frames

Queenax will be providing one-time-only specials on the format frames on display at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne, 10-12 April.

For clients seeking finance, Queenax’s finance partner, Flexi Commercial, are offering a special deal: for any frames purchased at the show, clients will make no repayments for the first two months. This allows clients to get a head-start on making a return on their investment, and building their Queenax classes. Contact Queenax via the enquiry form below to find out about pre-approvals for finance.

As Official Equipment Suppliers to the Arena and Celebrity stages at the Melbourne Health & Fitness Expo, Queenax are proud to have created a bespoke frame for The Arena where The Clean Health and Again Faster ‘Strength Sports Challenge’ will take place.

This challenge was designed to try and find Australia’s greatest strength athlete and give them an opportunity to share in a prize pool of $20,000 cash. The winners will also have the chance to feature in two of Australia’s leading health and fitness magazines.

For more information on the frames or the competition, or to arrange a meeting with Queenax at the Expo, complete the enquiry form below.

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