Q&A With PeriCoach Ambassador

Leading Australian blogger Nikki Parkinson of Styling You is on a mission to help Aussie women make the best of themselves inside and out, announcing her role as brand ambassador for The PeriCoach System® – the first training device, web portal and smartphone app to take the guesswork out of pelvic floor muscle training, invented right here in Australia.

This exciting new partnership aims to help normalise the issue of a weak pelvic floor Nikki’s Styling You blog is already fast becoming a forum for thousands of women to talk about the topic, sharing their pelvic floor strengthening stories and successes.

WNiF chatted one-to-one with  Ambassador Nikki Parkinson, to find out a little more about pelvic floor health and the innovative PeriCoach System.

What compelled you to become the Ambassador of PeriCoach?

A number of things:

1. My personal experience with bladder leakage. I have three kids – two of whom are now at university. After each birth I tried to be diligent with doing pelvic floor exercises but, like most women, it was something that fell by the way in between sleepless nights and nappy changing. It’s a long time since I changed my own children’s nappies but it took until discovering the PeriCoach for me to get serious about my lack of pelvic floor fitness.

2. My belief is that this is something all women should be talking about. Previous generations never openingly talked about bladder leakage and pelvic floors. We SHOULD be talking about it, not accepting that wearing pads or surgery is our only option. My followers are impressed that I’ve started this conversation so if I can continue that conversation in my ambassador role then I’ll feel I’m helping women to be aware that there are alternatives and they can improve their condition.

3. The company. The research and development that has gone into the PeriCoach is incredible. The support that it has from health professionals working in this area of women’s health is testimony to the quality and effectiveness of PeriCoach.

What are the signs of a weak pelvic floor?

If you leak urine when exercising, coughing, laughing, jumping, lifting or running, your pelvic floor is not doing the job it’s designed to do – to support the bladder.

What advice do you have for women who suffer from the condition?

Don’t put up with it. Seek out professional help. It’s not something that you should be embarrassed about; it’s a condition that you can improve.

Should sufferers head off to the doctor about this condition?

You can start using the PeriCoach without the help of a doctor or physiotherapist, but if your condition is severe or you’d like ongoing support while using PeriCoach then, yes, it’s a good idea.

Does this condition affect males as well, and if so how? Can they use PeriCoach system?

Yes, men can experience stress or urge incontinence caused by a weak pelvic floor muscle. There are specific exercises that men can do but the PeriCoach is for women only.

To find out more about PeriCoach click here.


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