Differentiation Is Key To Club Success

Differentiate or die, says fitness business guru:
Perth Fitness & Health Expo, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, 11-13 September 2015.

According to leading fitness business coach and serial fitness entrepreneur Justin Tamsett, the way to stand out in the fitness industry can be summed up in one word:

differentiation. In fact he believes in it so much, his motto is ‘differentiate or die’ and it’s the title of a seminar he will present at the upcoming Fitness & Health Expo in Perth.

The differences between gyms and personal trainers are now negligible to the common eye, according to Justin, so unless you identify and then work on your differentiation you will have to compete.

“If you focus on competing you cannot innovate,” says Justin, who has presented seminars to industry leaders across 15 countries. Once differentiation becomes part of the culture, it becomes a filter by which all decisions must pass through.”

The added benefit of a successful differentiation strategy is that you can step out of the price war.

“You will move your businesses from being compared based primarily on price to being evaluated on non-price factors,” he says.

In the seminar, Justin will share tools to innovate and differentiate yourself from your competitors providing practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.

The seminar will take place at the Perth Fitness & Health Expo, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, on Friday September 11 from 2-3pm. Tickets cost $50.

While you’re at the Expo you can also see the latest gym equipment, accessories, nutrition products and trends. It’s on  11-13 Septemberat the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, open from 1pm to 8pm on the Friday and 10am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

If you work in the industry, entry is free if you pre-register online and provide the appropriate identification. General visitors can pre-book tickets online to save – cost is $20 online for a one-day ticket or $25 at the door.

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