PT in my Pocket – Personal Training App

Colette McShane, a Scottish born Aussie dynamo, fitness fanatic and busy mum has now created an app that will totally change the way you look at personal training.

PT IN MY POCKET is an audio driven fitness app giving you workouts that require no equipment or gym visits. The original music is incredible, like having your own personal trainer (PT) right there with you in the room, pushing you along with motivational and upbeat cues. It was created to suit anyone looking for an amazing workout at the touch of a button.

Since its launch, in September 2014, it is now the number 2 top selling new app in the app store, and is the number one in health and fitness across both Apple and Android!

Growing up in Scotland, Colette was part of a family with a love for sport, fitness and training. Everyone in the family, from her ironman triathlete Dad to her pro triathlete sister, was into it so she was always fit. After becoming pregnant with her first child, Colette decided to give up her corporate career and focus on her first love, the fitness industry.

Having maintained a good level of fitness during her pregnancy, Colette wanted to help other women and men on their fitness journey and show them that it is possible to get fit fast, and using both short workout methods along with healthy eating. She does this through her successful Melbourne business, the HIIT Mum.

Now she has taken it a step further and has created a new app, PT IN MY POCKET that comes complete with six different workouts, all High Intensity Interval training-based.  You can combine the workouts to give you multiple muscle group based sessions, giving you endless workout combinations.

The workouts range from 10 minutes through to 21 minutes and will send the participant right into the after-burn zone, burning extra calories long after the workout is finished. Highly effective and easy to follow, all exercises also have a video demonstration.

The app is only $3.79 and is phenomenal value for anyone looking to get super fit in the comfort of their own home, the park, the office, hotel room, the beach… or anywhere!

The app is available on both Apple and Android. Now you have no excuses left! Click here to find out more.

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