Protein Powders De-Coded by Carla Oates The Beauty Chef

Australia’s “Beauty Chef” provides her top tips for choosing the right protein powder for health and wellness.

Protein powders, once reserved strictly for body builders, are now widely recognised as a great addition to any healthy diet, for their restorative, nutritional and hunger-busting benefits.   But with so many different protein powders on the market, offering many different ingredients, types and concentrations of protein, how do you know if you’re choosing the right one? And are protein powders actually healthy?

Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef says yes. And no.

“Like anything, you really need to read the ingredients list of your protein powder to work out if it’s good for you, or if you’re treating yourself to a glorified mix of synthetic ingredients and sugars,” she says.

Recognising her own need for a protein powder that was organic, natural, vegan, free from synthetic nasties and choc full of bio-available nutrients, Carla created The Beauty Chef’s BODY Inner Beauty Powder (RRP:  $69.95), which blends a mix ofsprouted and fermented organic brown rice and pea proteins with a plethora of super-charged organic ingredients.

“Protein is an important nutrient and one that literally forms the building blocks of our body, but I wanted to create more than just another protein powder,” says Carla. “BODY is a protein powder, superfoods powder, greens powder, pre and pro biotic and metabolic booster in one.  Packed full of bio-available plant proteins, fermented fruits and vegetables, alkalising greens, spices, probiotics and green tea, this is a mega nutrient hit that will kick start your metabolism, curb sugar cravings and nourish your body so it can perform at its best,” she adds.

If you’re thinking about adding a protein powder to your diet, Carla provides a few top tips.


“There is someresearch to show that amino acids that are synthesised, or isolated may be problematic for your health,” says Carla. “I prefer protein that comes from wholefoods like organic fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains as opposed to synthetic sources,” she adds.


“I find dairy-based protein powders can be hard on digestion,” says Carla, noting that the right protein powder should give you energy and make you feel good, not lethargic, bloated and constipated.  “BODY is lactose free, hypo-allergenic and rich in three sources of easily digested vegan protein including fermented brown rice, organic peas and organic chia seeds,to give you clean energy,” says Carla.


“Our BODY Inner Beauty Powder uses a base of sprouted and fermented brown rice, peas, chia seeds and spirulina, which makes it much easier on the digestive system” says Carla. She points out that when we eat protein we only digest about 12 per cent of that protein, but when it’s bio-fermented and sprouted, it’s easier for the body to process, meaning you can digest more, up to around 85 per cent. “This ensures it is properly digested and not just sitting in your gut causing problems. You’ll also be getting more nutrients from the wholefoods that will assist in digestion and will help you feel fuller for longer,” she adds. 


According to Carla, it’s about the quality of the protein and ingredients, rather than the quantity of protein. “While a powder may have a high protein content, it may not be particularly digestible,” says Carla.  “You need to determine whether it contains a balanced essential amino acid profile and whether it provides you energy and actually makes you feel well, if not, listen to your gut and opt for something else,” she advises.

“It is important to eat good quality protein throughout the day as it is the best way to maintain metabolic efficiency, balance blood sugar levels, burn fat and support cellular health as well as help bring your body back into balance – but make sure it is the right protein,” Carla advises.

BODY is Certified Organic, and not extracted using chemicals or acid hydrolysis like in other protein powders. The Beauty Chef uses foods that are sprouted and fermented using the genius of nature so they are good for your body, and bring it into balance.

“When the body has the nutrients it needs, it doesn’t crave food all the time. This is why BODY works so well as a healthy snack or meal supplement,” says Carla.

Offering more than just protein, Carla describes BODY as the “ultimate meal” that combines naturally derived, bio-available protein with bio-fermented fruits, vegetables, spices, pre and probiotics and green tea helps boost nutrition and immunity.

The Beauty Chef’s BODY Inner Beauty Powder is available in chocolate and vanilla flavours.

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