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Precor Commercial Strength Equipment Treadmill Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for your treadmills, to keep your exercisers moving

Amp Draw is Critical

The most important preventative maintenance check is the measurement of treadmill power consumption.

This is done by measuring the Amperage draw of the treadmill which is a strong indicator of belt condition.

As a treadmill belt ages,  the Amp draw increases and when it increases to a critical level,  its time to change the belt.

You can avoid tripping circuit breakers by regularly testing Amp draw and replacing the belts when necessary.

The New Precor Treadmill Simplifies Maintenance with the Active Status Light

  • A steady blue light indicates the treadmill is operating properly
  • If the light pulses blue,  this may indicate a belt change is needed
  • The light provides staff an easy way to diagnose treadmill status.

Precor Australia offer complete treadmill maintenance advice to health clubs and fitness businesses. To find out more contact Precor or click here for specials and discount offers.


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