Precor Introduces the NEW Experience™ Series Treadmill

Treadmills are the cornerstone upon which your fitness facilities are built. The represent as much as 40% of the total cost of the cardio floor. It’s an important buying decision that you want to get right.

In developing the Experience™ Series Treadmill, we’ve searched for insights from facility operators, exercisers and service technicians so that we get it right too. For us, getting it right means delivering two things; a proven ownership experience and a personalised exerciser experience.

In every discussion with facility operators about treadmill design, we consistently hear the call for reliability, low operating cost and ease of service.

Part of reliability is that it looks newer for longer. The Experience™ Series Treadmill has an honest representation of materials. Unlike equipment encased in plastic, these aluminium structures won’t scuff or fade. The motor drive system delivers performance and efficiency. It uses less electricity than any treadmill we have designed in the last 30 years. We’ve also made sure it’s the smartest treadmill we’ve ever made. A status light alerts your staff at a glance, the condition of your treadmill, extending the life of your equipment. When it’s time to replace the belt of the deck, our simple design means the service technician can get the job done in only 20 minutes.

Think about your exercisers – each one has personal preferences for how a treadmill should feel.

The feel of the Experience™ Series Treadmill adjusts uniquely to each exercisers thanks to our newly engineered and patented Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX) and Integrate Footplant Technology (IFT).

Most people bring lots of gear to the workout floor, especially a mobile phone that they want front and centre to monitor messages. The treadmill dash, which runners will find has less vibration than any they have ever experienced, hold metal bottles and keys in near silence and secures even the largest phones in the perfect position.

These insights and features are just the highlights.

With the proven ownership experience and personalised exerciser experience, the Precor Experience™ Series Treadmill can be the cornerstone on which you build your facility.

For more information about Precor Australia and the new Precor Experience™ Series Treadmill click here.

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