Pole Dancing Academy Opens In Sydney

Pole Dance Academy is leading the pole dancing phenomenon in Sydney, pushing fitness fanatics in a different direction by offering them an exciting opportunity to increase their fitness, feel sexy and see what they’re capable of; all through pole dancing.

With three studios across Sydney, Pole Dance Academy is the city’s best offering of fitness and fun, with highly experienced teachers guiding students through the moves, from absolute beginner level to professional!

Launched seven years ago, Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle are the amazing sister duo behind Pole Dance Academy and opened their first studio to share their passion for pole with the rest of the world. As their favourite form of fitness and self expression, these two passionate performers were so inspired by the art of pole dancing that they left their corporate careers to start Pole Dance Academy and ignite other people’s interest in this phenomenon.

Offering one of the best workouts out there, the Pole Dance Academy teaches students from beginner level right through to professionals. With little to no experience needed to attend a class, students receive support and encouragement from a range of passionate instructors who help them to train their strength, flexibility and endurance. Each class is taught in a supportive and comfortable atmosphere, allowing everyone to push their limits through a good workout.

Maddie and Michelle are an unstoppable force in the pole dancing world, having won titles and placed at various championships and competitions around the world between them, such as the International Pole Championships, Australian Pole Fitness Championships, World Pole Championships, the Australian Pole Championships and Miss Pole Dance Australia.

Not purely focused on increasing awareness of pole dancing in Sydney, Maddie and Michelle created the Pole Theatre pole dancing competition in 2012 which has now expanded to become the world’s biggest pole dancing competition, running in 14 countries and on almost every continent!

Maddie and Michelle have built up a respected career in the pole dancing world, now consistently travelling around the world to visit studios, teach workshops and run classes, to demonstrate their amazing skills to other budding performers.

Having established their powerful position as the heart of pole dancing in Sydney, Pole Dance Academy is the best place to test your skills, feel sexy, confident and see what you’re capable of.

Pole Dance Academy currently runs three studios across Sydney, in Redfern, Bondi Junction and Crows Nest.

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