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PaySmart Direct Debit Billing - We Make Easier To Sign New Clients

Making It Easier To Sign New Clients

Does your direct debit billing provider help you sign new clients? If not, you need to consider how partnering with PaySmart could help build your business.

If customers make regular payments to access your services, direct debit billing is the way to go, and PaySmart’s join online feature can help you complete this payment loop instantly.

As an online process, it’s available 24/7, the features are easy to use and it’s responsive to smart phones and tablets.

Alternatively, you can work through the sign online process in person with your new customer—you can process their direct debit billing paperwork on the spot and get it straight into the system, so there’s no double up on data entry.

You can also take advantage of inbuilt data integrity checks within this system, which reduces the risk of error in the data entry process. And when fewer errors are made, there’s a positive flow-on impact on dishonour rates.

Having a join online feature also means that if you don’t close the sale during the face-to-face meeting, or if you run a big gym or a PT business and you’re short on time, you can send a link directly to your prospective customer via email or imbed it in your website, and they can complete the paperwork at their leisure.

You can also make your new members feel extra special by offering them a promo code to use when they sign on that’s not accessible to the general public.

The paperless system is not only better for the environment, but when you enter the data online, it’s loaded immediately—so payments can be debited as early as the next business day!

Loving the idea of no more manual paperwork and data entry?
Talk to a PaySmart Client Account Manager today to get started – call 07 3866 9100 or enquire below.

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