Payment Solutions Make Positive Difference For Leading Gym Brand

Few gym facilities can boast impressive statistics like World Gym Australia – a proud 40-year history and more than 18,000 members nationally.  Established in 1976, World Gym is now internationally recognised and one of the most celebrated fitness brands in the world today.

The opening of World Gym in Penrith in 2008 marked an opportunity for the business to evaluate how its members pay their subscriptions.  After a lengthy review of the debit solutions available, World Gym chose payment solutions provider Debitsuccess, with an offering which works seamlessly with gym management software Clubware.

World Gym Australia National Franchisee Manager Amanda Freeman says Debitsuccess’ services and partnership with Clubware were key to the decision.

“We were on the lookout for the best offering to minimise issues with our members’ payments – we saw that in Debitsuccess,” says Ms Freeman.  “With this solution, the processing and collection of payments is taken care of which is hugely beneficial for our business. Members’ privacy is also incredibly important to us.  We have full confidence in the way Debitsuccess handles our members’ payment and account information – in terms of communication, data security and technology.”

Given the positive response and results, World Gym has rolled out the solution to all 13 of its facilities.

“We clearly believe in the product or we wouldn’t recommend it to our franchisees,” says Ms Freeman.  “Debitsuccess offers a stress free debit solution that is always evolving.  Our payments are on time, communication is clear and our administration levels have reduced dramatically.”

Payment plans can be tailored to suit members’ individual financial situation.  This approach is based on the subscription economy – a business model increasingly being used by small and medium sized businesses through to large companies to secure reliable cash flow.  This is where customers have the ability to pay for goods and services via a regular, frequent instalment plan, rather than a large lump sum.

With flexible payment options, effective communication, and confidence in security and technology, World Gym is able to focus on other important aspects of its business and continue to thrive as an industry leader.

Debitsuccess is part of Transaction Services Group (TSG), a global direct debit billing service business with a presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Initiating over 50 million transactions worth more than $2 billion annually, TSG specialises in the delivery of recurring payment solutions for a wide range of industries.


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