The Newest Club On The Block – Orangetheory Fitness

What do Canada, the US, the UK and South Africa all have in common? Orangetheory fitness. Meet the newest health club kid on the Aussie block.

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is the latest health club brand to set up shop on Aussie shores. Originating from the US where it currently boasts hundreds of studios, OTF delivers a unique 60-minute, high intensity, heart rate monitored, group interval training format.

With a presence throughout America, Canada, the UK and South America, OTF has thousands of members, and is gunning to boost that member base through its Australian penetration.

The first local facility has been officially opened in Bondi Junction (NSW) and there are two more sites scheduled to open in Hawthorn (SA) and Aspley (QLD).

The Orangetheory Fitness workout uses a variety of equipment including treadmills, water rowers, TRX suspension training and free weights. Sessions are broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training, but its USP is an exclusive heart rate monitoring system.

Founded in the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), Orangetheory’s five-zone heart rate monitored training has been specifically developed to maintain heart rates in a target zone that will stimulate metabolism, increase calorie burn, and boost fat loss for up to 36 hours following a workout.

Delivered by personal trainers, participants can burn an average of 900 calories, including after-burn, per session.

“Monitoring your heart rate is key to ensuring that you hit the right zones you need for EPOC to kick in. All of our routines come from our corporate physiology department,” explains the founder of OTF, Ellen Latham. In this department “experts with the highest
levels of education and certification are creating them, to increase your endurance, strength, and power.” When OTF opened an additional 99 studios in the US in 2014, they almost doubled their total club-count.

The brand is on track to open an additional 150 locations by the end of this year, and although the local operations are still in their infancy, its popularity abroad suggests the future looks bright (orange) for this innovative fitness brand.

To find out more or to experience OTF first hand, phone Orangetheory Fitness Bondi on 02 8579 7700.

Article written by Analee Matthews for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine, Summer 2015 Edition.

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