One Hot Yoga and Pilates Launches Prenatal & Postnatal Program: One Hot Mumma

On August 1, 2015 South Yarra’s One Hot Yoga & Pilates will launch a carefully tailored Prenatal Pilates Program, One Hot Mumma, to assist women throughout their pregnancy journey – from pre-natal exercise to post natal recovery – preparing both the body and the mind for the task of labour and motherhood.

Priced at $50 per week, the One Hot Mumma membership includes two prenatal classes each week: a Reformer Pilates class on Mondays at 7pm, which works to improve core and pelvic integrity, and a mat based yoga conditioning class on Saturdays at 11am which incorporates restorative, body rolling techniques plus a focus on mindfulness of internal emotions, thoughts and sensations. At 60 minutes in duration each, the classes are taken by One’s pre-natal specialist instructors and offer a challenging but gentle full body workout.

One Hot Yoga & Pilates, carved from the shell of a raw, industrial building creates a sense of calm and tranquillity. Set against exposed concrete, a softness and warmth is found in the timber, bamboo garden and sumptuous materials, accentuated with moments of glamour and intrigue. It is a safe and supportive environment for One Hot Mummas.

The membership also includes general access to the full One Hot schedule of yoga and Pilates classes and use of the change room facilities, which include showers, hair dryers and free lockers.

The One Hot Mumma prenatal Pilates program is an opportunity for expecting mothers to come together in a supportive, calm and tranquil environment, meet likeminded mums-to-be and engage in inspired teachings that prime and strengthen the pelvic muscles and spine and enhances overall fitness in preparation for labour.

Lucinda Mills, Yoga and Pilates instructor and founder of One Hot Yoga & Pilates, experienced a profound difference between her first and second post-birth recoveries when she introduced Pilates into her exercise program following the birth of her first son.

“As a result of my Pilates practice, I was able to come back to a sense of myself and regain my physical integrity a lot faster after the birth of my second son when compared to my first post-birth recovery time. My Pilates practice prevented my abdominal muscles from separating and protected against common pregnancy and post-delivery issues including lower back pain and incontinence.”

Two months after baby arrives, the ‘One Hot Mummas’ will receive a post-natal consultation call from their teacher, to develop a One Hot Yoga & Pilates program that will aid in recovery and rebuilding after birth.

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