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Celebrity Chef Nadia Lim Encouraging Hungry Australian Singles To “Go Nude With Food” With, ‘My Own Bag’

  • Due to popular demand, celebrity chef Nadia Lim has come to the rescue of busy Australian singles by providing them with nutritious meals plucked from the ground, sea and sky.
  • Bringing an end to uninspiring nights in the kitchen, My Own Bag is the perfect culinary remedy for time-poor executives or busy singles.
  • My Own Bag is the first product in the premium food delivery market to cater to those cooking for one, using the ‘Nude Food’ philosophy.
  • Since launching My Food Bag three years ago, more than 7.2 million of Nadia’s “Nude Food” inspired meals have been devoured across Australasia.

Uninspired? Unmotivated? Worked late again? Brain fried? Debating whether to use that sacred hour for grocery shopping or the gym?

Don’t worry, celebrity chef and My Food Bag co-founder Nadia Lim has got your back and announced “it’s time for Australian singles to get nude with food” with the launch of My Own Bag.

Whether you’re scratching your head about what to have for breakfast or dinner, Nadia removes the tedious thought process of ingredient shopping by providing healthy, quality, ethically-sourced local ingredients and foolproof recipes.

My Own Bag is the first product of its kind aimed at single person households in the premium food delivery market and the simple recipes and best quality produce are delivered straight to your door (on a Sunday).

Designed specifically with both Australian bachelors and bachelorettes in mind, My Own Bag offers single-serve recipe options catering for three dinners, or three dinners and four breakfasts per week.

All meals are designed to take under 30 minutes of preparation and cooking time and use fresh local produce sourced from Australian suppliers and meat farmed through ethical, sustainable practices.

“While food is often seen as an opportunity for social occasions,” says Nadia, “My Own Bag aims to show that living alone doesn’t need to mean uninspired nights in on the couch – the kitchen left bare and unwelcoming. Cooking for one can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and most of all is an important way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to power your busy life.”

Nadia’s ‘Nude Food’ has been her guiding philosophy since she was 12 years old and had dreams of marrying British chef Jamie Oliver. Because the food scene is so confusing with various diets, conflicting health studies and screaming packaging, Nadia aims to remove the confusion by stripping it back to the bare basics.

“Real, healthy food comes from the ground, the sea and the sky,” she says, “it’s fresh and free range, not from factories. ‘Nude food’ is about learning to trust your instincts and following some simple common sense guidelines about what’s healthy and works best for you.”

Since winning MasterChef NZ in 2011, Auckland-born Nadia has dominated the media, appearing as a regular judge on My Kitchen Rules NZ and penning three best-selling, award-winning cook books – and has seen more than 7.2 million meals from My Food Bag being devoured in Australasia. And now, educating health-conscious Australians even more, Nadia aims to revolutionise the way single Australians approach meal times, combating the many perceived disadvantages of cooking for one.

My Own Bag is now available to order as a part of the premium food delivery service provided by My Food Bag in Sydney and Melbourne metro areas. My Own Bag with three dinners is available for $74, or My Own Bag with three dinners and four breakfasts is available to order for $99, including delivery to your door.

About My Food Bag

My Food Bag is a premium food delivery service which takes the work out of feeding the people you care about. We work our hardest to provide delicious recipes and the freshest ingredients to cook them, delivered to your door each week. Our team combines the skills and know-how of celebrity chef and co-founder Nadia Lim (MasterChef NZ, My Kitchen Rules NZ), Miguel Maestre (The Living Room) and Zoe Bingley-Pullin (Good Chef, Bad Chef) with our passionate Aussie producers and farmers to provide food that is simple, healthy and delicious. Five product options ensure everyone from couples, families and single person households are catered for.

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