Myzone Add MZ-20 Scales To It’s Product Range

The new MZ-20 Home Scale is launched, and is the latest product to join the Myzone portfolio.

The new scale is designed for the end user to manage their progress in the comfort of their home. The sleek, digital, Bluetooth enabled product, which is available in two colours (black and white), works by syncing the data directly to the Myzone App.

It is ideal for people wanting to monitor their body metrics on a high-frequency basis to ensure they stay on track with their goals.

The MZ-20 not only measures weight but also, body fat%, muscle mass, body water and much more.

Dave Wright CEO of Myzone said “The MZ-20 Home Scale is an extension to the Myzone family of products to help collect data for customers and help them achieve results. It is an exciting product designed for operators to extend their potential member reach beyond the four walls of the club whilst also allowing existing members to stay connected with their brand”.

The MZ-20 Home Scale can be purchased and used by people who do not already have Myzone, so it is ideal to help get people involved in Myzone before they commit to the MZ-3 or MZ-1.

The MZ-20 is available for operators to purchase via the myzone management dashboard, and is also available via the Myzone shop.

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