MyCloudTag for Android & Updated for iOS

MyCloudtag Brings Gaming DNA to New Fitness App

Development Team behind Donkey Kong and XBox Kinect Unveils MyCloudTag for Android & Updated for iOS

Cloudtag, a company dedicated to delivering fitness and wellness products for consumers has now released an Android version as well as updating the iOS App following user feedback. The development of MyCloudtag was a collaboration by the team instrumental in creating Donkey Kong and the Xbox Kinect, Preciousbluedot; the Moon Regan Antarctic expedition team; and Cloudtag.

The MyCloudtag app brings gaming DNA to fitness apps by reorienting how people interact with these apps. Rather than tracking activity and delivering data on how many calories burned or distance walked or pace per mile, MyCloudtag directly rewards users by giving points or “stars” for completed programs. The fitness and wellness programs are set up like journeys or paths that need to be completed to get to the next level in the app. Each level that is completed gives the user points that can then be used to unlock additional content – videos, instruction, harder programs, for example.

Completely free to download, the new mycloudtag app will revolutionise how you monitor yourself whilst you workout in all types of setting. The app provides an incredible array of personally constructed workouts so you’ll never be bored doing the same exercises again and again. What’s more, the fitter you become, you more you unlock premium content to enable you to try out fitness routines without having to pay the usual costs associated with upgrading.

Choose from a number of health and fitness categories to support you on your fitness journey:

Get fitter and leaner – Check out the HIIT Full Body and Max Effort Workouts

Lose weight – Check out the 4 week Weight Loss programme or the Total Body Circuit Workout

Improve your health – Check out the Better Back Intermediate programme or the Strength and Mobility Workout

Download the latest update of mycloudtag to access brand new programs based on your health and fitness goals or watch the below video to learn more:

Key features include:

Feature #1                           Designed to utilise the M7 chip, integrating step calculation

Feature #2                           New re-design for IOS 8

Feature #3                           Expert video, still and voice over guidance and instruction

Feature #4                           Use in the gym or at home, indoors or outdoors

Feature #5                           Keep connected with your social network whilst working out

Feature #6                           Schedules your workouts

Feature #7                           Workout options with and without equipment

Feature #8                           Pick your workout program to meet your fitness goal

New programs and workouts added to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Andy Jackson, CEO, commented “The initial response to mycloudtag has been fantastic in terms of downloads and feedback, and we are very pleased to have incorporated user’s comments to improve the App since its launch. Releasing the App on the Android platform makes the App available to a significantly greater number of devices.”

For further information please visit or search for “mycloudtag” on the App store.

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