A Mother Trucker of a Small Group Workout by HD Elite

Hammer Strength Flexes Versatile, Durable Strength Additions

Hammer Strength announces new versatile small group training options for popular HD Elite. These strength options from Hammer Strength provide rugged, reliable strength equipment that allows exercisers to focus on enhanced performance and movement.

“Our newest products, HD Elite and new Hammer Strength Select are high quality, dependable products designed for the results-driven exerciser,” said Paul McClure, Managing Director. “With these new offerings, together with our other versatile Hammer Strength offerings, facilities can create a full member journey with ultimate variety and progression to meet various strength training styles.”

HD Elite Enhancements Empower Small Group Training Environments

For exercisers who wish to take their small group training up a notch, HD Elite equipment provides a challenging, but motivating environment that utilises teamwork to help reach fitness goals. Now with new rack connectors – perfect for suspension training and combining multiple rack systems – and pulldown and row cable stations, HD Elite offers robust training options for small group training workouts. These new additions complement the wide array of performance-focused features already found on HD Elite, including Olympic lifts, power pivots and high rings.

Hammer Strength now provides advanced resources for facilities looking to incorporate high-energy small group training workouts into their fitness portfolio. More than 100 instructional exercise videos along with six sample programs are available to help trainers and exercisers take full advantage of the machine’s capabilities, and take small group training to the next level.

25 Years of Building Champions

“Hammer Strength equipment is engineered with outstanding biomechanics and rugged durability, and is designed to deliver unparalleled strength training results,” said Paul McClure, Life Fitness Australia. “The wide array of strength offerings are built on the preface that performance, results and hard work are essential to helping elite athletes, and those who train like one, reach their full potential.

This year, Hammer Strength is celebrating 25 years, a quarter century of success.

For more information on Hammer Strength and Life Fitness click here. Or watch the video below to see HD Elite’s latest Small Group Workout called “Mother Trucker”.

You can also visit the Hammer Strength YouTube account for an additional 100 workout videos.

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