Mishfit Offers Power Plate In Their Studios

“Oh, how I’ve missed you!” are the words all personal trainers want to hear, and for mishfit trainers its not uncommon.

How do they do it? mishfit has embraced Power Plates in their studios and their clients love it.

“I’m not sure if our clients miss us or the plate,” says mishfit CEO Michelle Wright.

Power Plate is an workout tool that is growing in popularity in Australian fitness businesses. And with celebrities like Elle McPherson, Serena Williams, Raphael Nadal, Christano Rinaldo and top NFL teams in the United States using the Power Plate, its a tool that caters to a range of exercise needs. From strength, to toning, balance and improved circulation its application in the fitness studio is impressive.

The Power Plate uses whole body vibration to challenge your muscles to work harder than if you were standing on solid ground.

“More muscles, greater response, faster results” is the key to understanding the impact of power plate training.

“We have three mishfit centres with power plates and we would love to see more plates in more studios,” says Michelle Wright, CEO and founder of mishfit. “There are three key muscle reactions we use the Power Plate to generate: muscle lengthening to improve flexibility, muscle contraction to improve strength and muscle relaxation to help ease muscles soreness and tension.”

The added benefit of whole body vibration is that the vibration of the power plate can be extremely beneficial for women concerned about the functioning of their pelvic floor muscles.

“We have seen women unable to connect with their pelvic floor use the power plate and begin to feel their pelvic floor switch on,” says Mish, “Its really amazing.”

The increased muscle fibre stimulation caused by the Power Plate also enables us to challenge the muscles without adding load, which is much safer for the pelvic floor. One of the most effective aspect of workouts for new mothers on the power plate is a series of fascial releasers and mobilisers we use. New mothers spend their lives bent forward and rounding their shoulders as they are feeding, settling and pushing baby around. “The power plate helps mothers to lengthen out their shortened muscles, and stretch through their back and hips.”

To round out a challenging session we use the Power Plate to ease muscle tension and flush the muscles so that our clients leave the studio feeling better than when they arrived. The question, “Ready for massage?” brings a smile of relief to our clients.

To find out more about Power Plates, contact The Fitness Generation.



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