Mio Gym – The Perfect Solution For Gyms & Fitness Groups

Pioneering the heart rate wearable tech category.

MIO has helped athletes of all levels increase their performance with making the heart rate monitoring easy and accurate to train with in a workout.

Now you can bring Mio technology and products to your members group training and give them the results that keep them coming back!

Cardio Pilot™ technology

Cardio Pilot™ technology

Get members in the zone, see real time intensity with guided heart rate zone colour lights and haptic alert technology.

Clubs we’ve worked with have experienced:

  • Increased attendance and participation in group classes
  • More one on one coaching clients
  • Higher member retention with behaviour modification
  • Increase in new membership sales

Think in 3D (Data Drives Decisions)

Think in 3D - Mio Labs
Using analytics Fitness Level, Training Effect and Recovery as you train MIO is compatible with:

  • SelfLoops
  • FitMetrix
  • Performance IQ

The mioPOD is NFC compliant, allowing members to use scientifically-quantified data of their workouts and real-time coaching – whilst using the gym equipment.

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More information about Mio Gym – MIO Labs is available at mio-labs.com.[/box]

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