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Marietta Mehanni And Mark Davis Release mSwing

mSwing is a fun, free moving fitness experience where participants learn to let go, go off and leave with a smile!

Developed by award-winning fitness presenter Marietta Mehanni and physiotherapist and fitness lecturer Mark Davis, mSwing uses a single dumbbell to provide a fun, challenging and effective workout using natural, flowing movements that arc, sweep and flow through space.

In this workshop Marietta and Mark explore functional movement from a completely new perspective. You will learn how to facilitate the vestibular system to improve your participant’s ability to quickly learn exercises. You will discover safe and effective ways of improving range of movement through neural mobilisation. You will also explore fascia and its influence on exercise. Then you will put everything together by learning the principles, key movements, teaching strategies and session structure for mSwing.

Says Mish Wright, founder of Mishfit and the Women’s Health & Fitness Summit and a trainer who specialises in safely training women, “mSwing includes vestibular training as well as working with fascia lines and functional movement patterns for the body. The movements are not stressful for pelvic floor, and because there is a lot of cross body work, it’s perfect for healing rectus abdominal diastasis (DRAM) — a common condition for postnatal women, which can impact on their exercise. My only regret? The day finished too quickly! I am going to re-enrol and encourage all my trainers to do the same, because I know this is an exercise program that has just so many benefits for ALL clients.”

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