SYNRGY BlueSky – A Breath Of Fresh Air To Strength Training

New Life Fitness Functional Training System Engineered for Outdoor Use, Popular Exercise Trends.

Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment manufacturing, is opening up group fitness with SYNRGY BlueSky. An extension of the groundbreaking SYNRGY360, SYNRGY BlueSky is Life Fitness’ first small group training system designed specifically for outdoor use. SYNRGY BlueSky offers twelve body weight training stations to create a fun, supportive and inviting workout environment for exercisers of all abilities.

SYNRGY BlueSky combines the benefits of outdoor exercise – which is proven to enhance an exerciser’s mood and energy – with one of the industry’s top trends, small group training. Ranked as a top 10 fitness trend by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for the past two years, small group training continues to gain popularity among fitness professionals and exercisers as a workout that encourages camaraderie, accountability and intensity, while still allowing trainers to offer individualised attention for continuous learning and progression.

“Across the globe, health clubs are designing innovative small group training programs using our SYNRGY360 system,” said John Cassidy, Commercial Strength Product Manager. “With SYNRGY BlueSky, facilities can now bring those training programs outdoors with a product that is engineered to meet outdoor safety standards, withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a wide range of customisable configurations to fit a variety of spaces and exercisers.”

SYNRGY BlueSky from LIfe Fitness Australia - Infographic

Customisable Options
SYNRGY BlueSky provides facilities with limitless options for designing an engaging outdoor exercise space. Key customisable product features include:

  • Exercise Options: 12 stations and connectors include a press, row, step up platforms, dip/leg raise, ab crunch station, pull-up, short and long cargo nets, arc ladder, high rings, monkey bars and an arc traverse.
  • Scalable Design: Each exercise can be scaled to meet the user’s individual fitness level, making SYNRGY BlueSky the ideal training tool for beginners to advanced exercisers.
  • Flexible Configurations: Stations can be used separately in a circuit, or combined with various connectors to create more consolidated and efficient training spaces.
  • LFcodes: A QR code on each station gives users immediate access to exercise tutorials through the Life Fitness LFconnect mobile app.
  • Colour Options: Twelve colour options allow facilities to customise the equipment to match their design preferences and enhance aesthetics.

“Outdoor training is in demand with exercisers, and the stations and connectors on SYNRGY BlueSky empower trainers to create fun, energetic classes that can incorporate circuits and interval training,” said Deborah McConnell, Global Master Trainer for Life Fitness. “This versatility keeps exercisers engaged and allows for easy modifications to fit varying abilities.”

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About Life Fitness
Life Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells its well-known strength and cardiovascular equipment under its Life Fitness and Hammer Strength brands. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are distributed to more than 120 countries.

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