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Life Fitness - Heat Rowers Room

Life Fitness Expands Performance Training Portfolio

Heat Row and Heat Performance Row allow exercisers to train for every intensity level in any setting.

Australia, November, 2020

Life Fitness have launched the Heat Row and Heat Performance Row, two powerful new rowing machines designed to enhance the rowing experience of all users. The Life Fitness Heat Rowers feature sleek and modern aesthetics with a variety of easy-to-use features to meet the training needs of facilities and exercisers.

The Life Fitness Heat Row focuses on ease of use with quick-release ratchet foot straps and a 300-degree resistance knob accessible from the catch position.

Resistance is provided by air and magnetic overlay, offering a wider of range of resistance to accommodate beginner users to those seeking anaerobic bursts.

Heat Row’s intuitive features also allow instructors to optimise a small group training class with simple programming for all exercisers.

Life Fitness - Group Session - New Heat Rowers

The Life Fitness Heat Performance Row includes all the features of Heat Row but with an enhanced digital experience designed for elite training. The upgraded WattRate ® TFT console offers users accurate feedback and programming with Training, Comparative, and Technique viewing options. Programs such as Race a Distance or Race a Friend use gamification to motivate exercisers in a fun and engaging way. Heat Performance Row also includes control buttons on the handle to quickly change the display on the console.

Life Fitness Heat Performance Row

“With the new Heat Rowers, we aimed to create streamlined performance rowers that inspire exercisers to push past their limits,” said Dan Wille, Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Life Fitness.

“We always strive to meet the needs of our customers and that means developing new products that are driven by top training trends. Performance training combined with the use of rowing machines continues to gain popularity with individuals and in group settings. We wanted to develop a high-quality solution with eye catching aesthetics to take the rowing experience to the next level, and the Heat Rowers deliver.”

Modern and powerful, Heat Performance Row and Heat Row are tailored to motivate exercisers of all levels in any workout setting.

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