Life Fitness Commercial Cardio Fitness Equipment Row GX Trainer

Just Landed! Adaptable, Realistic Rowing Experience by Life Fitness. The new Row GX™ Trainer is a Perfect Fit for All Types of Settings and Exercisers of all levels.

The Row GX™ Trainer is a rowing machine that gives exercisers the feeling of a natural rowing motion for a challenging full-body workout. As gym owners look for creative ways to provide new programs for their members and incorporate rowers to address the machine’s spike in popularity, the Row GX Trainer offers a wide range of applications, including small group training, and is an effective workout for a multitude of users and experience levels.

“The Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is for facilities that want to add a whole-body cardio option for exercisers, enhance small group training or create dynamic high-intensity interval training (HIIT) spaces,” said Chris Clawson, president of Life Fitness. “Its water resistance feature provides the natural feel that Life Fitness products are known for, and its adjustable resistance settings make it accessible for all fitness levels.”

Designed with a state-of-the-art, patented Fluid Technology Resistance system, the Row GX Trainer creates a smooth and natural motion that challenges the entire body and delivers one of the most effective workouts available. Its unique design allows each user to feel, hear and see water churn in the tank, creating an engaging rowing experience, and its adjustable resistance design lets the machine adapt to their individual fitness level.

This adaptability allows the Row GX Trainer to complement the assortment of programming options facilities are offering exercisers. For instance, in small group training sessions, the Row GX Trainer creates a space for exercisers to engage in a challenging full-body workout. In addition, the portable design makes it easy for the rower to be repositioned throughout the facility for individual workouts, or small group training sessions. The Row GX Trainer can also be stored vertically when not in use to create more floor space in training areas.

Additional Row GX Trainer features include:

  • Workout detail display, including time, distance, strokes per minute, 500-meter split time and more
  • A concealed seat track for a cleaner, smoother and safer operation
  • An ergonomic handle that minimizes strain on hands, wrists and arms
  • A commercial-grade design that can withstand high-traffic environments
  • A 77-inch length, giving it a small footprint and making it one of the shortest rowers available

The Row GX Trainer joins the Lifecycle GX and SYNRGY360 as another dynamic product that expands the Life Fitness small group training offering and provides variety for facilities. By incorporating these products into a space, owners can create fun and energetic individual and group training programs that engage their members and ultimately increase their bottom line.

“The addition of the Row GX Trainer strengthens our product lineup even further, and provide facilities with a versatile option to keep their members engaged in popular fitness trends,” said Clawson.

Available to order now, the Row GX Trainer will be featured at the Fitness & Health Expo Melbourne, at the Life Fitness booth R12. To find out more click here or use the form below. Or for more information on The Australian Fitness Expo, click here.

About Life Fitness
Life Fitness is the global leader in commercial fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells its well-known strength and cardiovascular equipment under its Life Fitness and Hammer Strength brands. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment is distributed to more than 120 countries.


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