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Choose Stroops for Unrivalled Functional Fitness

EYE Fitness is excited to announce that we have secured the Australian and NZ distribution rights for Stroops Conditioning and Performance – another innovative fitness solution that is a natural fit for the EYE Fitness product offering.

Stroops is a combination of a Strap-and-Loop (Stroop) system that allows many applications in strength and conditioning. Add to that the formation of an elastic band with a covered sleeve (Slastix) which gives you the safest yet most effective resistance band variety on the market today. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience and a history of working with high performance athletes and teams, Stroops adds a new dimension of fitness to the Australian and New Zealand landscapes.

Slastix Stroops vary in function, application, length, strength and size. Officially launched at WAFIC in Perth, Stroops is available for purchase through EYE Fitness.

Stroops Can Be Used For:
* Team and Group Training
* Outdoor bootcamp
* PT
* Functional and Crossfit Zones

The slastix potential makes for greater intensity and core load and provides huge versatility. Check out the full range of products online including product videos and pictures on the Eye Fitness website now!

Need anything else to complement your Stroops range?
EYE Fitness offers a number of functional training tools that easily and effectively complement the Stroops range. Contact us today for a brilliant package deal on functional fitness, call us today!

* Kettlebells
* Crossrigs
* Olympic Lifting
* Sleds
* Slam Balls
* And many more!

Stroops Functional Performance (SFP) Course Education
Further to the exciting product range is the SFP Course Education, bridging the gap between onfield conditioning and the gym. The extensive SFP education courses help trainers uncover their client ‘TELLS’ (or weaknesses) and provides solutions both with traditional and Stroops equipment to maximise results. Email us at training@eyefitness.com.au for more information.

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