Les Mills’ THE TRIP Is Australia’s First Immersive Cycle Experience

Cycling into the future: Australia’s first immersive cycle experience comes to Melbourne

Les Mills will unveil a futuristic, never-before-seen concept cycle studio in Melbourne on April 30 that will fuse cinema, virtual reality and cycling.

THE TRIP™ is an immersive cycle class like no other that uses digital projection on cinema size screens and rock concert quality lasers and lighting to create new worlds to ride in, fusing exercise and entertainment on a mind-blowing scale.

Through the power of animation, participants might climb the side of an impossibly steep glacier, chase futuristic riders, sprint across lava flows or ride through a space age city.

Les Mills partnered with a team of German audiovisual specialists who have designed special software, hardware and purpose-fit screens to bring THE TRIP to life. A friendly user interface enables trainers to control the system from the palm of their hand.

Les Mills Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing Director Matthew Spandow said THE TRIP creates a visual sense of purpose to a workout – a visual distraction that helps the participant forget they’re exercising – and is part of offering a range of solutions for club operators in the competitive cycling space.

“By suspending belief, participants stop thinking about the workout and push themselves further. Participants are quickly swept into the experience and begin leaning into turns and ducking under bridges, which adds even more intensity to an already powerful workout. For the industry, this is big news with many considering what to do with their current cycle studio spaces. Many club cycle studios sit empty for up to 80% of their opening hours leading to a loss in revenue, wasted space and a big missed opportunity. All of this happens while cycle boutiques are growing rapidly, generating thousands in attendance a week and charging a premium. THE TRIP is set to re-engage spin lovers with a rebooted virtual reality ride and also bring wandering weekend warriors back into the gym along with a new generation of spin followers.”

The TRIP is part of the Les Mills and Reebok IMMERSIVE FITNESS movement, which has already seen permanent IMMERSIVE FITNESS studios open in Hong Kong (Pure Fitness), France (CMG Sports) and London (David Llyod Leisure). IMMERSIVE FITNESS is an experience that projects cinema-quality video content onto the screen of a purpose-built studio, while instructors cue exercise moves to synchronise perfectly with music and graphics.

“There’s huge potential in the world of exertainment. Watch this space as we continue to develop the IMMERSIVE FITNESS initiative and develop other game changers that blur the lines between entertainment and exercise,” said Spandow.

The studio will pop-up for two days at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1, as part of the international LES MILLS LIVE tour. Places are very limited. Find out more and book online.

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