Les Mills Revolutionise Your Members’ Workouts

Les Mills have been leading the way for group fitness and member motivation for over 20 years. Now they have taken another innovative step to revolutionise members workouts.

Les Mills SMART TECH is the result of three years of research and design to bring you ergonomic and functional designed equipment.

Renee Jones, Owner of Embrace Health and Fitness VIC and James Erbacher Owner of The Fitness Academy TAS explain how introducing SMART TECH into their facilities has impacted their business.

What was the main motivator for you to purchase?
No other major gym in Tassie to provides this equipment. SMART TECH is loved by all members, instructors and managers. The most notable improvement to members with the SMARTSTEP™ is in the way it feels under your feet, hands and back. Many members have actually been able to increase their weight selection because of the SMARTBAR™ design improvements for example the ergonomic grip and rotating ends.”

As a club what is your feedback on SMART TECH?

“I like the fact that I can integrate SMART TECH into not only my Les Mills Group Fitness classes but also Personal Training and freestyle classes that are targeted towards older clients. Older clientele use the SMARTBAR™ with tube resistance training. It is often a safer and more effective method of resistance training for this demographic. Personal trainers also love to set the SMARTSTEP™ as high as their clients can handle and work on power training through box jumps. Because the risers lock in like lego, the step will never budge and gives clients more confidence.”
– James Erbacher – The Fitness Academy, TAS

The Range

  • SMARTBAR™ barbell
  • SMARTSTEP™ fitness step
  • Individual weights in 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg
  • SMARTBAR™ racks
  • Locking units
  • SMARTSTEP™ risers

What was the main motivator for you to purchase?

“When establishing a Group Fitness only studio, the most important priority is creating the best workout experience possible. Our club believes that investing in top end equipment helps create a point of difference to other standard gyms.

I am an instructor myself and purchased my own kit prior to opening Embrace Health and Fitness. I am therefore a big believer in the equipment through personal experience.”

What has been the member response/feedback to the new equipment?

“I am continually receiving great feedback from members on the equipment. Members mostly comment on how much safer the SMARTSTEP™ is in comparison to older designs. They are also amazed by the ease of use of the SMARTBAR™ and weight plates.”
– Renee Jones – Embrace Health and Fitness, VIC

Why choose SMART TECH?

  • The SMARTSTEP™ provides increased stability, non-slip feet and improved riser alignment so you can leap onto it in confidence
  • SMARTSTEP™’s Multi-directional surface improves grip while increasing back and hand comfort during bench work
  • SMARTBAR™’s rotating ends enable smoother movement which, improves form and aids muscle isolation
  • The ‘gator’ clip allows quick and easy weight transitions on SMARTBAR™
  • The SMARTSTEP™ can be locked as a unit, allowing you to pick it up in one piece

Want to more about SMART TECH? Enquire on 02 6282 8192, email equipment@lesmills.com.au or forward your details below.

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