Next Generation Dial-In Cable Resistance System

Introducing the first of its kind dial-in resistance cable system – the KayeZen Vector.

The KayeZen Vector is a portable, lightweight strength training system that can offer a uniquely wide range of resistance from 10lbs – 120lbs with a simple twist of a dial.

The secret is the revolutionary design of the Vector capsule and the specialised resistance cables inside.

Each Vector capsule holds 8 specialised resistance cables. Turn the dial to Level One and pick up resistance from 4 internal cables. Level Two on the dial grabs 2 additional cables for more resistance, and Level Three grabs all 8 internal resistance cables.

Due to its quickly adjustable and impressive resistance range, the Vector provides a lightweight, portable alternative to cable-based machine exercises all while occupying ZERO floor space, indoors or out.


At its most basic level, the Vector is a lightweight, portable dial-in resistance cable system featuring:

  • Quick set-up that can be used anywhere there is an appropriate anchor that can accept a carabiner
  • Immediate, on-demand ability to change weight/resistance levels with the simple turn of a dial
  • Resistance provided by specialised, lightweight cables reinforced with Kevlar® fibres
  • Every swap of resistance cables allow the Vector to be configured with weight ranges of 10 to over 110lbs.
  • Reduced snap-back risk with the dual design of the Vector cylinder and Kevlar® reinforced resistance cables
  • Seamless integration with your favourite cable attachment handles expanding the Vector’s versatility and exercise options

KayeZen Vector Unit - Dial-In Resistance System

Therefore, the Vector can ultimately provide access to resistance cable exercises in studio classes, outdoor boot camps, and other places throughout a facility where large cable machines simply cannot go.

The is available exclusively from Power Systems.

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