Introducing Modibodi – Underwear That Gets What Women Want

Women know that life contains plenty of very common but still embarrassing ‘unmentionables’ – from sweat, light bladder leaks, menstrual onset or overflow and spotting to discharge, odour and breast milk leaks. Thankfully, a much-needed solution is here with the launch of Modibodi. Modibodi is flattering and extremely functional underwear (including bras and pants) made from premium natural and synthetic materials, designed to protect women from these everyday unmentionables. It looks and fits just like regular underwear but has undergone rigorous scientific testing to keep the wearer fresh and dry.

Modibodi is an Australian invention, founded by mother of three Kristy Chong.

“While out running one day I realised my underwear might look nice, but it was failing to protect me against sweat and occasional bladder weakness. I spoke to family and friends and found I wasn’t alone in my frustrations with the options available,” says Kristy.

She has spent close to two years creating a solution as she believes women’s underwear isn’t the best it can possibly be.

“I felt women deserved a ‘better’ line of underwear. Better for women – Modibodi underwear empowers and liberates women by making them feel comfortable and carefree, and better for the environment by preventing disposable liners and breast pads from ending up in landfill,” says Kristy.

Kristy has spent over 18 months performing extensive scientific tests to develop the most effective fabric technology. Up to 100 textile engineers were consulted in Australia and the US before she worked with leading Australian lingerie designers and manufacturers to make the final product.

Each pair of underwear has an outer material of luxurious fabric such as Bamboo and Merino Wool, which have proven to be technically superior. Inside the underwear is Modibodi’s patented Modifier Technology (leak-proof) or Modifier Air Technology. The leak-proof range has a super slim (3mm) lining that is designed to be moisture-wicking, absorbent, breathable, antimicrobial and stain resistant, replacing the need for disposable panty liners. The Air lining is antimicrobial and designed to remove odour and sweat. There is also a full-lining available which holds the same amount of liquid as one to two tampons, so it can even replace pads and tampons.

As one in three women experience light bladder leakage and 50 per cent of women experience menstrual overflow during that time of the month, Modibodi is providing both a fashionable and eco-friendly alternative to panty liners, which ultimately end up as landfill. This is especially helpful for mothers, and young women anticipating their first period but might feel embarrassed to wear a panty liner.

The Modifier Air Technology range is perfect for everyday wear, and will keep women feeling fresh even when exercising, travelling, or during the warmer months. The Modibodi range even makes sports bras in eco-friendly bamboo jersey which eliminates sweat and odour. Maternity breastfeeding singlets are also available in a large range of sizes. They absorb milk leaks, replacing the need for nursing pads.

Kristy is passionate about improving the lives of all women, and so has partnered with Share The Dignity to help provide homeless women with period-proof underwear. Every Modibodi purchase goes towards providing homeless and disadvantaged women with a much needed long-term and reusable solution. Share The Dignity vouchers can also be purchased on the Modibodi website for as little as $5.

Modibodi collections include classic, sensual, active, smooth, maternity and curvy (in sizes 18-22) – there’s something for every woman at every stage of her life. Prices range from $19.50 to $69.50.

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