The Industry’s Top 6 Safety Concerns

The top six safety concerns in the fitness industry – Fitness Australia want to help you manage them

Bill Moore, CEO of the peak national industry association Fitness Australia says he’s tremendously excited to roll out two new education sessions on Risk Management through iLearn, the evidence-based online learning platform, to registered professionals and business managers.

“At Fitness Australia we understand what it’s like to work in the fast paced fitness environment, and how some of the more complex issues such as risk management can be overlooked in the busy day to day running of a club or a PT business. In the modern exercise and legal environment these issues are incredibly important so we’ve developed a suite of sessions that inform and educate fitness professionals of the legal landscape around risk and responsibility, including reducing the chances of client injuries. Because we know how busy fitness professionals are, we’ve made each iLearn session engaging and easy to digest, completed in an hour on any device – earning you 2 CECs.”

The two new sessions in the series are:

1. Exercise Safe: Putting clients first
2. Professional Practice & Advice: What are the risks?

The Exercise Safe session explains the top six safety concerns you will come across as a fitness professional and will help you understand and identify your risk management obligations from a legal perspective.

The second session, Professional Practice & Advice, takes a closer look at two of the six top safety concerns: Professional Knowledge & Competency and Scope of Practice. It educates about the law related to negligence and duty of care, and answers what to do when clients ask for advice outside scope or practice, including nutrition or injury rehabilitation.

Niall from Proficient PT completed the session and says that due to his busy schedule, iLearn is a great tool.

“I struggle with time to get to face to face programs. I found this session very easy to access and to understand. I give it 10 out of 10 and definitely recommend it to other Personal Trainers.”

Fitness Australia’s third risk management session on Equipment Safety and Supervision in a Fitness Facility is coming soon.

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