IndoorWalking Elliptical from Orbit Fitness

It’s always a huge build up to the Australian Fitness & Health Expo and we wouldn’t have it any other way! And this year, timing was on the money as the event also coincided with the official release of the WNiF Autumn 2014 Magazine (Expo Edition).

WNiF were on-site, so when we had the opportunity to catch up with key exhibitors at the show, to share with us (and you!), their latest and greatest news.

A massive thanks to all those who dropped by to say “hi” and to those who contributed to a successful event and a great weekend.

Here we are the 2014 Australian Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne, and we are with Esset from Indoor Walking (distributed by Orbit Fitness). Craig Mac finds out the key benefits to this newly launched (in Australia) and increasingly popular group fitness program and why clubs and studios should consider such an offering to their member and clients.

This unique indoorwalking elliptical machine gyration reproduces the pattens of movement of running or walking but with the feet supported by platforms giving the legs a floating sensation, reducing the stress on the knees and providing a safe fitness activity – you can find out more by enquiring here.

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