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The next level in fitness has arrived. Reebok and Les Mills have revealed The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS™, a totally new workout concept that is set to revolutionise the Studio Fitness industry.

Together Reebok and Les Mills are showcasing fitness in the digital age. The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ draws inspiration from live music performance technology and 360° cinema to take the studio workouts to the next level.

The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ surrounds participants with cinema quality video content projected onto screens of a purpose-built studio. Instructors cue exercise moves synchronised perfectly with music and graphics, creating a truly immersive fitness experience. The new concept is the integration of technology, exercise education and creative design.

“The Project adds a rich visual experience to music and group exercise choreography,” said Les Mills Program Director Les Mills Jr. “Participants taking part in a cycle class may find themselves riding up an impossibly steep glacier or sprinting their way around a digital velodrome. In a dance class you might be immersed in a tent at a music festival, where everybody‟s dancing together.”

Both Reebok and Les Mills understand the importance of a varied routine to ensure that consumers are constantly engaged and challenged by their workout. The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ enables and encourages people to embrace the physical, social and mental side of fitness.

Phillip Mills, Chief Executive of Les Mills said, “The concept of „Immersive Fitness‟ is all about what the fitness community refer to as the “zone” – that state of mind where people are performing at their peak; a place of focus, achievement and fulfilment. At Les Mills, we have been creating group workout environments that lead people to the zone for 30 years; through music, choreography and rock star instructors. The Project really takes the zone to the next level and we, along with our collaborator Reebok, are so thrilled to share this brand new fitness experience with the world.”

“At Reebok, we are committed to driving the next great evolution in the fitness industry,” said Reebok Brand President Matt O‟Toole. “We‟re not content to just accept things the way they are. We want to do it better, and The Project is really just the beginning. Along with our partner Les Mills, we are redefining what is possible and taking the in-gym fitness experience far beyond what has existed for the past few decades.”

Some of the world‟s favourite Les Mills workouts have been adapted specifically for consumers to trial during a European tour of The Project this summer/fall. Workouts include: „The Trip‟ (cycle class), BODYCOMBAT™/LES MILLS GRIT™ Immersive, and BODYJAM™/ BODYBALANCE™ Immersive.

Reebok and Les Mills have applied their expertise to create a collection of co-branded apparel and footwear specifically designed to be worn during these types of studio fitness workouts. The Reebok / Les Mills collection is available to buy worldwide and will be worn by Les Mills instructors around the globe.

Following its debut in London, The Project: IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ will make a promotional tour of major European cities including Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan, giving fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the new program free of charge. A wider consumer launch in Europe and the United States is planned for 2015.

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