Harness The Value Of Group Heart Rate

Monitoring group heart rate has many advantages. For a small investment, gyms and clubs can monitor large groups, track effort and provide individual feedback. Group heart rate is simple, reliable and safe.

iQniter is harnessing the value of heart rate and presenting it in unique ways to elevate the member experience.

One way iQniter is doing this is through Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Research continues to uncover new windows into the body and HRV is one example of this. Used in the medical field and elite sport for years, HRV measures the millisecond time differences between each heartbeat and gives the user unique training insights.

iQniter captures the advanced HRV data and presents it in useful ways to improve the member experience with metrics like Recovery Time and Training Effect.

The picture below shows how Training Effect can be used to monitor optimal training load over time and highlights how gyms and clubs can use iQniter to provide a member with simple, unique and useful information.

FITPOD - Training Effect Chart
Training Effect links with iQniter Session Profiles allowing gyms and clubs to design classes that members can follow so the right Training Effect is reached. Session Profiles are a road map of intensity – knowing what lays ahead means members are engaged and leaving everything, they should, in class.

Session Profiles can be retrofitted to any existing class choreography or designed as new class options. Profiles are unlimited and can be shared across sites to ensure a quality controlled product is delivered nationwide.

In addition to Recovery Time, Training Effect and Session Profiles, iQniter can be used to further elevate the member experience by including group targets, competitions, custom screen set up, white labelled reporting, plus video for education, advertising or virtual classes.

Low upfront costs – monthly subscription – no lock-in contracts: use iQniter to harness the value of group heart rate.

iQniter is distributed by FITPOD Australia, enquire now 1300 FITPOD or email info@fitpod.com.au.

FITPOD - Harness the Value of Group Heart Rate

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