Group Heart Rate And Video Combine With iQniter

Monitoring group heart rate has many advantages. For a small investment, gyms and clubs can monitor groups, track effort and provide individual feedback. Group heart rate is simple, reliable and safe.

iQniter now raises the bar with video, elevating the member experience.

Previously, two separate software programs were required if gyms and clubs wanted to display video and track group heart rate. iQniter is the first group heart rate system to integrate video within its software and capture heart rate data. Gyms and clubs now have the ability to manage heart rate and video from within the iQniter system saving time and money.

Video can be displayed before, during or after a class, and also on set schedules through a day, all whilst capturing valuable heart rate data.

Some examples of how video can be used within iQniter:

  • Welcome members to a class
  • Promote monthly challenges
  • Educate members on class goals
  • Provide tips on class safety and equipment setup
  • Show breathtaking visuals on demand
  • Play a warm-up or cool-down video and free up the instructor to talk with members
  • Run virtual classes and provide individual feedback with session reports
  • Increase revenue by selling advertising space before or after a class.

Video displays full screen to make sure whatever message being presented has full attention. For example, instructors can toggle video on and let the members escape the four walls, creating a custom experience, while still capturing heart rate data.

Check out a video in an iQniter Session Profile here.

iQniter is a full featured, hardwired, heart rate and video system. To enquire about group heart rate and video contact FITPOD, call 1300 FITPOD (1300 348 763) or email

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