Be One Of Australia’s First Bounce DanceFit Instructors

New dance phenomenon bounces onto the Aussie fitness scene 

A brand new dance fitness class has launched onto the UK fitness scene, promising to deliver an energetic, exhilarating workout that will teach you some jaw-dropping moves you can perform on your next night out.

Prepare to out-perform the professionals and put them in their place with a dance fitness class like no other.

Bounce DanceFit is a 45-minute, high-energy, constantly varied, addictive dance workout that perfectly fuses the fresh edginess associated with professional dancers with the fast-paced, mixed tempo moves you’d expect from an aerobics class.

Set to a mix-tape of hip hop and house music Bounce DanceFit will teach you moves that will out-twerk Miley, out-Vogue Madonna and out-fierce Beyonce.

Bounce DanceFit might be the new kid on the block when it comes to dance fitness classes, but by combining different styles of street dance such as hip-hop, waacking, twerking and vogueing it certainly isn’t like anything else you’ve ever experienced.

So, get your groove on and get ready to sashay your way across the dance floor or the studio floor and enjoy a fresh, modern, current workout that will see you work up a sweat in style!

Bounce DanceFit has also launched a kids version too, so now parents and kids can benefit from the same awesome workout but with a few little tweaks thrown in!

Instructor training starts on 28 May 2016. Register now and you can be one of the first Bounce Dancefit Trainers in Oz. Check out the video below to see how the New Zealander’s go!

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