Why You Should Invest In Functional Training

As fitness trends go, functional training is embedding itself in the blueprint of the gym floor space and in turn, transforming the way exercisers workout to achieve their fitness goals and how they spend their time in your facility.

According to Angel Banos, the CEO and president of the 16 club strong Gold’s Gym SoCal Group, functional training is a trend that’s proved its viability, and one worth investing in.

“Today, we feel functional training is a very viable offering for us, so we’re attacking it aggressively as a company,” said Banos.

To ensure success, you need to find the right partner to help you with the functional design, the equipment and layout. “Look at the product. Look at the team. Talk to them. See what their knowledge is,” he advises.

For Banos, Aktiv Solutions turned out to be the best partner. A vast knowledge and experience in functional design, and the ability to provide Gold’s Gym SoCal with tailor-made solutions.

Aktiv Solutions have now installed a number of functional training products and features in the Gold’s Gym clubs, including The Functional Training Ecosystem – a modular dynamic training environment developed to deliver energising and socially engaged workouts.

At Gold’s Gym SoCal, this ecosystem is paired with the enhanced group training program GOLD’S FIT, designed to offer members a full-body workout in a group environment.

According to Banos, the GOLD’S FIT has been a hit with members with over 800 people already in the program.

For clubs looking to incorporate functional training into their facilities, Banos offered the following advice. “Size, equipment and layout are important. Clubs should look at meeting the needs of their members and also what their training team can support. To do functional training successfully, clubs need space, education and hardware. You can’t just put in functional equipment and hope for the best. You have to have programming to support it.”

“Aktiv Solutions is great at creating a member experience for functional spaces,” continued Banos. “They work very closely with our personal and group training professionals, which is huge in building a space and programming. They are very good at giving us their opinions and feedback. And at the end of the day, they’ve helped us create a great revenue stream through functional training.”

Gold’s Gym SoCal will continue to evaluate its functional training offerings throughout 2018, looking to identify any further opportunities for improvement.

“Everything evolves,” said Banos. “We’re always looking at what’s next.”

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Aktiv Solutions have just launched here in Australia. For more information or to request a consultation from a functional design specialist, enquire below.[/box]

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