Get Madonna-Fit

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch one of Madonna’s shows during her recent Rebel Heart Tour. Instead I did the next best thing, and managed a sneak preview at the new Addicted-To-Sweat cardio dance program at Hard Candy Fitness in Sydney’s CBD.

The man behind the program is Madonna’s personal trainer of two years, Craig Smith. Also the Global Creative Director of the Hard Candy Fitness chain, Craig took some time out from his schedule while on tour with Madonna, to give us a taster.

Inspired by the Rebel Heart Tour performances, Craig says that the cardio/dance format is what Madonna uses to keep her 57-year-old physique looking sensational. Madonna exercises six days a week, and if this explosive cardio and dance combo total body workout works for Madge, then why not the rest of us?

I don’t have two left feet but I haven’t done a grapevine since 2001. You don’t need any dance experience to participate, but it helps to have hips that can bump and sway. Those who love dance-based fitness classes will shine and others like me will have fun trying. It’s not all turns and shimmies. The class starts out like a hi-lo aerobics class from way back, and is interspersed with some dance moves and dynamic yoga moves to stretch, and all to some cool beats. For more information visit

Article by Toni Krasicki.


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