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Footprint Fitness Focus Help Businesses Maintain A Value Proposition, Merge With Technology And Remain Relevant

This goal may all sound like a bit of a mouthful but it’s an inevitable transition that the industry faces, in order to retain a four-wall focus against a tide of emerging technological developments that are all vying for a chunk of the high-growth fitness consumer market.

The easiest solution is, of course, to dig a hole and hope the tide comes and goes so business will return to normal. But, while lots of people forecast the future of fitness with some sort of technology inference, the reality is that it’s happening right here and now. For this reason, every fitness business should start integrating or planning to integrate new technology into their offerings.

In many ways technology will always be seen as a disrupter to conventional business; however, it is equally easy to rush to technology as a quick fix to a long standing business problem. Yet, in such an instance, the result is often a failed one.

When it comes to what technology can and can’t do, every fitness business needs to apply a common sense approach. Of course, one thing it can never replace is great people. It does, however, have the potential to enhance the performance of a great team. More and more fitness businesses are understanding how blending great people with appropriate technology can create optimal efficiency and better results.

With a background in tech hardware, data analysis, integration and fitness, Gene MacDonald is a Tech Analyst and Director of Footprint Fitness. Gene witnessed ‘fitness reacting to technology’ rather than looking for ways to integrate it. As a result, Footprint Fitness offers solutions to those who have questions about the adoption of technology.

Footprint Fitness believe that successful integration of technology requires investigation well and truly before any selection and investment processes begin. A fitness member requires a great program to kickstart their journey, and constant variation along the way in order for them to remain for the long term.

At Footprint Fitness, the two main product categories tackle this provision head on, thanks to its cutting-edge, Gym Centric Technology.

Additionally, Footprint Fitness recognise the value of real estate (Space Utilisation), and the constant shift in how members want to train. Furthermore, lower upfront and servicing costs will contribute to ensuring a fitness business remains relevant and viable – all of which Footprint Fitness can assist with.

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