Fitness Tech: The HiiGa-ONE

Advanced technology like you’ve never seen before, this new concept piece of fitness equipment was a star at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year.

You’ll be exhausted in a minute! Hiiga-ONE is a technologically advanced training machine and gives you an ideal training effect in a very short space of time. It has an intelligent control system based on advanced training methodology invented by an established and highly respected sports trainer, Kazuo HIga.

Hiiga-ONE changes its weight dynamically by an intelligent force feedback system, even in one stroke or each attempt.


HiiGa-ONE is electrically controlled and you don’t need any assistants around you HiiGa-ONE controls the load mechanically and automatically. It always provides you the best possible weight and load. You can train all alone. You don’t deal with heavy plates at all. HiiGa-ONE reduce the risk of you getting injured drastically.

The HiiGa-ONE - New in Fitness


You can train with any HiiGa-ONE’s anywhere in the world easily. The weight is always adjusted to fit you. You can always get the same condition any HiiGa-ONE’s and you can start the best training straight away.


HiiGa-ONE is an electrically controlled training machine. You can get the best weight and highly efficient training even in the space!

About the designer Kazuo Higa
Born in Fukuoka, 1983, Kazuo is the CEO of CALADA LAB. Studied sports science at the Waseda University and muscle physiology at The doctor course of Tokyo University. Working as an hybrid trainer in both of laboratory and gym. His “YEBISU Method” supported by scientific evidences guided many clients to success losing their own weights. Kazuo Higa’s biggest dream is to erase 10tons of fat from this world and his mission is to simplify the general ideas of getting in shape. While coaching more than 200 personal workouts, he also writes and holds seminars for various purposes. Published 37 books and issued more than a million copies so far in and out of Japan.

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