5 Core Disciplines Of Success (part 1)

Most fitness professionals and business owner’s start out with a vague awareness that there’s a lot more to building a business than they initially thought.

But without names for what needs to be done (and an understanding of the environment they’re now operating in), they end up feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

Names give you power.

They increase your comprehension and allow you to accelerate breakthroughs in cloudy thinking so you can focus on specific, necessary actions required to achieve your goals.

Here we offer you 5 Core Disciplines of success, with 91 key terms that we have organised into functional areas of fitness business (and personal) growth business that will prove crucial on your fitness business journey.

Core Discipline #1 – Lead yourself & others

There’s a saying: “There are no problems, only decisions to be made.”

Learn how to analyse challenges, think strategically to identify opportunities, create a plan to win, and build a team that cares and grows your business with you.

Whatever obstacles you’re facing, you’ll learn how to live from an empowered stance. Face challenges head-on, make growth choices and take action to move forward.

Clarify your vision
Reject vague goals and foggy thinking. Get clear on your long-term vision, purpose, mission, and values.

Become your best self
Understand your superpowers and kryptonite to maximise your personal effectiveness.

10x thinking
Find your breakthrough: how to identify risks and your biggest opportunities to drive 10x results.

Strategic planning
Get a winning strategy to smash your goals with optimal efficiency.

‘A-players’ only
Learn how to recruit and hire A-players that care about your clients and business as much as you do.

Develop winners
From good to great: keys to develop and empower your team to achieve breakthrough results and give you freedom.

Create career opportunities
Retain top talent by creating career opportunities that support the dreams and lifestyle goals of your best players.

Agile project management
Learn agile systems to increase your productivity by 400%: Get twice the work done in half the time.

Laser focus
Stop stopping: how to get (and stay) on task regardless of any distractions happening around you.

Communication styles
Learn how to better communicate with different voices and personality types to align for success.

When (and how) to fire
How to engage difficult conversations and off-board non-performers when needed to avoid “hostage situations.”

Seek out alternative beliefs
How to keep an open mind, seek out alternative beliefs, and create holistic solutions.

Core Discipline #2 – Get more clients

No clients, no business. Bad margins, no profit… you’re going out of business (soon).

Learn how to identify the best client(s) for your business, price and package your offerings for profit, and confidently lead prospective clients to commit to their goals (and your programs).

With a solid foundation in place, you’ll then learn how to drive more prospects to your website, phone, and through your doors… each and every month.

Client avatars
How to choose clients you love working with, who pay you more, and will have a greater lifetime client value.

Pricing & packaging
Secrets of pricing and packaging for long-term client results and business profits.

Sales scripts & tools
7.5 steps for closing more sales, inspiring clients to commit to their goals, and getting paid what your value.

Marketing funnels
How to launch an evergreen marketing funnel that consistently converts leads into scheduled appointments.

Website design
Keys to winning design, positioning your brand, and attracting visitors who convert into ready-to-buy prospects.

Messaging & branding
Craft a story that speaks to your client avatar and differentiates your brand from the competition.

Online advertising
Capture leads from online advertising with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other PPC advertising platforms.

Content marketing
Create and share content that educates your market, answers common questions, and positions your authority.

Research, advance, and engage relationships to connect with influencers and prospective clients.

Developing partnerships
Find the best partners, build reciprocal relationships, and capture quality prospects each month on auto-pilot.

Quick cash infusions
7 done-for-you promotional campaigns that inject quick cash into your business when you need it.

How to ask for referrals
Turbo-charge ‘word of mouth’ marketing with powerful systems and tools that drive hot leads every month.

Core Discipline #3 – Passionately serve

Most fitness businesses fail because they’re losing existing clients as fast (or faster!) than they’re finding new ones.

Learn how to create and deliver extreme value to break out from the pack. Design transformational client experiences, build lifetime relationships (not transactional ones), and better serve clients for life.

Further, you’ll learn how to align your team to deliver a consistent experience (at scale) so you can grow your business from the inside out and make a bigger impact on the world.

Client experience
Deliver transformational client experiences that build lifetime (not transactional) relationships.

Client on-boarding
WOW new clients with immediate (and unexpected) value delivery and show them you care from the start.

Building loyalty
Learn the most important ways to win the loyalty of your clients for a lifetime (and the big key that accounts for 53% of client retention).

Document client success
Monitor client progress and morale. Measure, track, and document results to ensure awesome service delivery.

Testimonials & reviews
How to capture powerful client stories to build credibility and trust (online and offline).

Tribe & community building
Learn the secrets of long-term tribe and community-building for maximum client retention.

Letting clients go
How to determine when the fit isn’t right and have off-boarding conversations.

Reputation management
Protect your online (and offline) reputation so one or two disgruntled people don’t sabotage your business.

Service delivery (at scale)
Deliver awesome (and consistent) client experiences as you add new members to your team.

Team creates raving fans
Get your team to check their egos at the door, serve clients passionately, and create a culture of success.

Increase lifetime value
How to reduce holds, define cancellation policies, drive engagement and session consumption.

Raising the rates
How to better value yourself, charge more, and improve margins with existing clients (even with those you’ve been discounting for years).

Core Discipline #4 – Increase profits

Most fitness businesses fail to make a profit, and as a result go out of business.

Growth doesn’t equal profit. Profit comes from having the right margins, cost structure, and efficiencies in place. You’ll learn how to understand the numbers that drive profit and how to adjust your cost structure when needed to ensure sustainable growth…

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