Fitness Show Sydney – What’s About To Hit The Fitness Market

When so many fitness brands get together under one roof you just know there’s going to be some interesting discoveries and you can expect just that at the upcoming Fitness Show in Sydney, the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Whether you’re a gym owner, a yoga instructor, a PT or a boutique studio manager, there’s a new fitness trend for you. Here are some of the top new fitness products and classes being unveiled at this year’s show:

  • The elliptical trainer gets a makeover: the Elliptical machine is a mainstay on any gym floor and it’s been overhauled by Precor to create their new Experience Series EFX with Converging CrossRamp. The CrossRamp is designed to simulate the normal converging path of motion as a person walks and runs, making exercise feel more natural, reducing knee flexion. The technology also provides ramp inclines from 10 to 35 degrees to target different muscle groups for more workout variety.
  • Flip it: Revolutionise your Functional Training with the TireFlip 180 from Eye Fitness. The TireFlip 180 is an innovative new functional training device that gives you all the benefits of tire training in a safe, space saving design. Flip it. Hit it. Step on it. Jump on it! Anything you can do with an actual tire you can do with the Tire Flip 180 – and more!
  • Training high: Leisure Concepts has taken on the distribution of Altitude Training Systems in Australia & NZ. ATS are global leaders in altitude training and research. From mask systems and inflatable tents to simulated altitude facilities, they help all sporting and fitness professionals gain a competitive edge with custom training programs for athletes, from cardiorespiratory endurance to muscular strength and power. Leisure Concepts will have a portable unit on display at the Fitness Show.
  • Ride into the future: The new IC7 Indoor Cycle by Life Fitness has some pretty impressive features including a resistance control knob with 100 click increments for total precision and control and an on-board computer screen for live user performance updates. A compact generator at the flywheel also captures the rider’s energy and recharges the bike‘s integrated lithium polymer battery making it self-powered.
  • Cold therapy is so hot right now: Cyrotherapy treatments used to be the secret weapon of elite athletes and Hollywood superstars, helping with everything from muscle recovery after training to flattening the stomach and wrinkle reduction. Cryotherapy is about to become far more accessible to the average consumer, with whole body cryotherapy available in pods popping up across the country for as little as $80 a session.
  • Burn fat, charge your phone: new Smart spin bikes from Body Bike allow you to charge your phone while you pedal – the harder you ride, the more your phone charges – that’s one way to put your energy to good use!
  • Weights meet water: If you like lifting weights and you don’t mind getting wet then why not combine the two? Underwater barbells from Aquastrength allow you to do just that. You can perform a multitude of exercises that focus on dynamic flexibility, upper body, core strength, coordination, balance, rotary stability, power, agility and endurance.
  • Kicking the other gyms to the curb: If you like to box then why not go to a gym dedicated to only that? The newest chain of fitness studios to hit the market are kick-boxing themed. 9Round’s fitness program incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training regimen.
  • Get on board: All the movements you do as part of your workout on solid ground can now be done in the pool or on water with less stability with two cool little accessories – either the Boga Yoga board, a floating board to challenge your yoga routine, or the Boga Fit Mat – a floating exercise platform with resistance cords attached for a more challenging workout in the pool.
  • Get real: If you know your reformers you know that a solid wood reformer is hard to come by, especially an Australian made one. Thanks to the Australian Pilates Co the search is now over.
  • Getting to the core: CORE 9 will be showcasing its new franchise opportunity with a studio workout that offers 9 checkpoints that can be completed in 31 mins, appealing to busy people look for a smart and flexible way to workout.
  • Smart scanner: A machine that can tell you what you should eat for your body type? Sounds like science fiction but it’s not. The Evolt 360, a non-invasive, medical-grade scanner that measures more than 40 health parameters in less than a minute, now also offers Macro-Nutrient Profiling. This means you can discover exactly how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you should be eating per day in line with your body type and health and fitness routine and goals.

Try out any of these new trends at the Fitness Show open to both industry and the general public from 10am – 5pm from Friday April 28 until Sunday April 30.

For more information visit and follow Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for updates on features, timetables and celebrities.

If you work in the industry, entry is free if you pre-register online and provide the appropriate identification.

The Fitness Show will also head to Melbourne 13 – 15 October, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and Brisbane 21 – 22 October, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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