Who Is Fitness Model, Justyna Kalka?

Justyna Kalka is a Melbourne-based fitness model with Australia’s Elite Fitness Models, and a nutritionist, fitness lover and martial arts expert.

Her great passion is educating, inspiring and assisting her clients on their journey to optimal health. She believes that true vitality comes from a careful balance of real food, right mind set and healthy dose of movement.

Justyna is a practising nutritionist in Albert Park (VIC) and holds a degree in Nutritional Medicine. Miss Kalka has a passion for assisting individuals and organisations in developing a strong culture of health and wellbeing with a strong focus on results and long term longevity.

“For me, personally, being a fitness model is another rewarding way of spreading the health message out to the world, where I get to hopefully inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle. Image is more powerful than words themselves. I hope to communicate in my work and inspire other women to a healthy body self-image that leading a healthy lifestyle and eating mindfully inevitably produces,” says Justyna.

Outside of her clinical practice, Justyna is a skilled presenter, engaging, educating and inspiring her audiences across all age groups and backgrounds.

She is a black belt Hapkido instructor at the Hapkido and Sun Do Academy in Melbourne. Justyna begun her martial arts training as a teenager, searching for a way to combat depression and an eating disorder she suffered as a young girl. She discovered much more than that.  Her growing passion for optimal health and performance, eventually led Justyna to a bright and rewarding career, in which she is able to share her knowledge and the tools she picked up along her own health journey.

Lover of healthy living and mother to a beautiful little girl, Justyna has a special interest in helping mums create a healthy food culture at home and educate parents and children about the importance of proper nourishment for growth and development. As a motivational speaker, Justyna inspires women of all ages to a deep sense of self-confidence, health, strength and vitality in a body they love and appreciate.

Within her wide range of nutritional services targeting a variety of health issues, Justyna also offers individual and group coaching focusing on the role of nutrient-dense traditional wholefoods andstepping away from a conventional diet.

Promoting education about the role of food in general health, immunity, mental health, disease prevention, anti-ageing, as well as weight loss and athletic performance, with the aim of providing the correct nutrition and the kind of fuel that the body is biologically designed to consume so that it can perform at its maximum capacity.

“My favourite jobs so far have been the digital segments I’ve done for Nourish Magazine and Australian Natural Health Magazine, where I get to share my nutritional expertise and healthy lifestyle tips,” explains Justyna.

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