Fire It Up With Circuits4Life

The Circuits4life Outdoor Circuit Training ‘Fire it Up’© course, incorporating all of the TOP 5 training trends for 2015 is fired up and ready to launch, and is the ONLY Fitness Australia approved Outdoor Circuit Training Course in Australia (for the general population)!

“It’s no surprise to me, after 20 years in the fitness industry, that the top 5 training trends for 2015 are Body Weight Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Educated and experienced Fitness Professionals, Strength Training and Personal Training… ahead of Bootcamps.” said Peter Manning, Director of Circuits4life. “Circuits Training is a fantastic form of exercise, because it is flexible, and completely adaptable to general or specific needs, and can be customised for beginners through to elite athletes.” Peter continued.

A recent report by the American College of Sports Medicine, the largest exercise science and sports medicine organisation in the world, rated body weight training as the number one fitness trend of 2015!

(“Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015: What’s Driving the Market”)

The unique demands of circuit training are geared towards preparing the body in a very holistic manner, and circuit training is one of the best ways to condition the entire body, delivering maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Circuit Training is one of the most versatile types of exercise, and can incorporate any combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, with or without equipment, indoors or outdoors, in a gym setting or at home, solo or in a group setting, irrespective of age or fitness level. The relatively fast pace and constantly changing nature of the exercises involved in Circuit Training place very distinctive demands on the body.

Whether you want to achieve a full body workout, work on a specific body area, or you need sport-specific training, this can all be accommodated with circuit training. Circuits can be modified specifically to the individual or group’s needs, and the focus can be changed to emphasise speed, endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and weight loss or any other aspect of health and fitness.

“I spent several years contracted to the Australian and Singapore Defence Forces as a PTI, and Circuit training was a favourite form of exercise as it could be adapted to suit almost any environment, and could be done with minimal equipment and space.” Peter Manning said. “You don’t need expensive equipment, or a gym membership, and a qualified PT can easily put together a great circuit training routine that can be done at home or in a park. It just takes the right skills combined with a little imagination”. Peter continued.

The Circuits4life ‘Fire it Up’ Outdoor Circuit Training Course has been designed to provide Trainers with the skills and training resources to execute professional, safe and dynamic Circuit Training programs for their clients with the greatest of ease and confidence, and be rewarded with the highest level of professional training and expertise, with 7 Fitness Australia CECs.
This unique course also incorporates some of the exciting, innovative and new BIFF ® program (Boxing Instruction For Fitness). The BIFF program is intended to teach Trainers the correct technique and delivery of outdoor boxing instruction. Circuits4life intends to deliver a full one-day BIFF course in the future, and ‘Fire it Up’ has been designed to give course participants a taste of what is to come.

“I am very pleased to announce new partnerships for the delivery of ‘Fire it Up’, with our first course set to be delivered on Saturday, 9th may 2015 at Fernwood Fitness, Darra QLD. Darra has also committed to two additional course dates later in the year. Anytime Fitness Hyde Park will follow on Saturday, 16th May 2015 – we are really looking forward to training in Sydney’s iconic Hyde Park. And we have also recently welcomed on board Genesis Fitness centres at Dandenong VIC and Gosford. This is a really exciting time for Circuits4life and fitness professionals.”

More information about the Circuits4life ‘Fire it Up’ Outdoor Circuit Training Course, enquire below.

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