February is Heart Research Month

It is Australia’s biggest killer, causing more deaths each year than all cancers combined and with insufficient physical activity, alcohol consumption and obesity on the rise the outlook is anything but hearty.

Heart disease kills four times more women than breast cancer and three times as many men as prostate cancer. That is why this Heart Research Month, Heart Research Australia is raising awareness of the risks of heart disease.

The risks of heart disease include tobacco smoking, insufficient physical activity, dietary behaviour, excessive alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, overweight and obesity and depression.

“Whilst heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer, there is good news; most of the risk factors are modifiable. Modifiable is changeable. We are encouraging all those Australians to make that change this month,” said Heart Research Australia Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Floyd Larsen.

So in February whilst Australians are concentrating on matters of the heart, we are asking them to increase their awareness and take action for the health of their heart said Mrs Larsen.

“We are asking the Australian community to lap the map of Australia in our RedFeb Relay, that’s 27,650km. Rather than being an actual event we are asking every day Australians to track their everyday kilometres and match them dollar for dollar. Our goal is to raise $500,000 for heart disease research and to get Australia moving,” said Mrs Larsen.

Heart Research Australia raises funds for first-stage, pioneering research into the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease said Mrs Larsen.

“The research we have funded has already achieved positive results in the treatment of heart disease but more needs to be done. Sadly, heart disease remains the largest killer of Australians,” said Mrs Larsen.

For more information visit heartresearch.com.au

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