Sproing – The Treadmill Reinvented

The Truth Hurts

Treadmill manufacturers admit hard decks and moving belts cause heel striking which is biomechanically incorrect and transmits harmful impact through your body.

Sproing gave the 100-year-old treadmill a makeover. Sproing improves your running by promoting forward lean and forefoot landing, instead of harmful heel striking.

The Treadmill Reinvented - Spoing

Heel striking is wrong and is not good for you no matter how you twist it. Plus there is no scientific research to back it up. Just because some elite runners are heel strikers doesn’t mean anything….There is nothing natural about heel striking….It is responsible for countless seriously injured runners – pro, amateur, everyone…every runner you know is or was injured.
Dr.Nicholas Romanov,Romanov Academy of Sports Science.
Russian Olympic coach, author, educator & noted biomechanical expert

Treadmills have fallen out of favor with the fitness public…due to the noxious effects of repeated impact upon the musculoskeletal system and the pervasive belief that nonimpact cardiovascular exercise is simply more effective than treadmill running. Unfortunately distancing oneself from the treadmill one also missed the benefits from running.
Paul Juris, Executive Director of Cybex Research Institute

“There is no innovation of the [fitness] industry…go to a 100 different clubs and talk to the first 100 people on any treadmill and I think the majority won’t know if it’s a Trotter, Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor or Star Trac, etc. And that’s an industry problem of non-innovation.”
John Aglialoro, Chairman, President and CEO of Cybex, 2002

“The type of movements and benefits they deliver are the same.”
Technogym Website, 2013

“Some people think all treadmills are pretty much the same and most of them are.”
Cybex Website 2013

The Truth Hurts - Sproing

The number one runner’s complaint is hard running surfaces [that] increase the jarring impact on the joints and back.
Life Fitness Corporation Website 2010

You need to use caution on a treadmill if you have been diagnosed by a doctor with serious joint and/or muscle problems especially if they involve your back, knees and ankles. In these cases [we recommend a machine] with less impact on the knees and feet.
Technogym Website 2013

Precor running decks are secured at the back so you get the greatest shock absorption at the front- right where you need it – where the heel hits the treadmill. For running, your feet should strike the ground at mid-foot, with the knees bent directly under your body – not reaching out in front.
Precor Website 2013

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