Pregnant CrossFit Woman Lifts Weights Right Before Giving Birth

Meghan Leatherman celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a new mum on Sunday.

On 3 May, Leatherman gave birth to a daughter, Florence Germaine. Although the baby was born in a hospital, some wondered if she was going to arrive in the middle of a squat at a CrossFit gym.

Even on the day she went into labour, Leatherman was working out and lifting weights—breaking personal records along the way — at her Back Alley CrossFit gym in Phoenix. The Daily Mirror and the Metro in the U.K. reported on Leatherman’s efforts today after London-based Barcroft Media recently aired a video of her working out at nine months pregnant.

From the Daily Mirror:

As well as going to the gym FOUR times a week, Meghan continued to walk her dog for three miles a day and go on a four-mile hike through the mountains every week.

But far from doing herself or her first baby damage, Meghan, a marketing and communications consultant, insists they are both healthier for it and her pregnancy was actually EASIER than it would have been otherwise.

We’ve seen stories of pregnant women who continue to lift weights and work out in the latter stages of their pregnancy — and some of the criticisms they have drawn for their decisions. Lea-Ann Ellison received backlash for working out at her CrossFit in Los Angeles last year when she was 8.5 months pregnant. In its story, CNN posed the question: How much is too much exercise when you’re pregnant? (A couple of doctors offered their views.)

Last month, personal trainer Sara Haley said she received some rude comments for working out at her Santa Monica, CA, gym while 35 weeks pregnant.

And then there’s the pregnant woman in South Carolina who claimed last month she was kicked out of her Planet Fitness for having her belly exposed while working out, which violated the club’s dress code. (The Planet Fitness corporate office said the woman, Melissa Mantor, was not asked to leave the gym.)

Watch the video below, and tell us: how do you feel about pregnant women working out in your club, especially if they are seven, eight or even nine months into their pregnancy? Do they offend other members? And do strenuous workouts pose a health risk to pregnant women and their babies?

This article is sourced from Club Industry.

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