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Fitness On Demand™ is a market-leading delivery platform of virtual fitness.

Why Fitness On Demand™
Since 2010, our services have allowed facilities around the world to economically deliver premium fitness programs to their users. With programming and services designed to optimise space, streamline operations, and offer unparalleled variety, our services are the perfect addition to fitness facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, and more.

FOD - Optimise Space
Decrease vacancy with vast schedule flexibility.


FOD - Streamline Your Operations

Reduce labour, management and program resources.


FOD - Unparalleled Variety

More formats, class times and popular titles.


Latest improvements to the Fitness On Demand™ platform include the addition of mobile apps for iOS and Android and a makeover of the GROUP™ delivery product designed for commercial operators.

Designed for studios and small group functional training zones–instantaneously injects hundreds of premium fitness classes into otherwise moderately utilised spaces, providing access to the world’s most renowned programming and recognised content authors on-demand or at designated times scheduled by the facility.

Classes broadcast wirelessly on any large format video display enabling facilities to increase class frequency, format, and quality.

Unlike other virtual fitness platforms aimed at commercial operators, FOD’s GROUP™ platform is the only delivery product that engages users inside and outside of the facility.

Access outside of the facility is made possible by FOD’s newest mobile app, available in the App Store and on Google Play. Users can download the app to access their facility’s live and virtual class schedule, RSVP to save their seat in a class, track their live and virtual class workouts through a personalised log, analyse performance data when wearing an integrated wearable device, and access content on-the-go.

FOD™ virtual fitness kiosks are the perfect addition to fitness facilities.

Virtual classes, including kickboxing, yoga, cycling and dance are taught by world-class instructors, from leading brands, and can be played on-demand, or at pre-scheduled times, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Find out how Fitness On Demand can add value to your facility with virtual classes to suit every member.

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