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The OmniBall - Does It All - The functional, flexible bodyweight training device

Is This The Best Bodyweight Training Device On The Market?

Traditional and functional exercises for the upper and lower body has a new superstar – the OmniBall®.

The OmniBall® is a 2lb (0.9kg) or 4lb (1.8kg) omnidirectional ball that attaches to the hands or feet and offers the ability to do both traditional and functional trining.

This unique patented product will challenge your strength, stability and flexibility like never before.

Form absolute beginner to seasoned athlete, the tremendous versatility of the OmniBall® provides the ultimate bodyweight workout.

  • Quick and efficient total-body workout!
  • “OmniDirectional” training – unlimited exercise options with no linear limitations!
  • Works on a variety of surfaces, including floors, tabletops, and walls!
  • Can be used as a grip-less, independent resistance tool for both hands and feet.
  • It really is the ultimate core workout!

The 360 degree rolling system creates instability, challenges balance and provides a bodyweight workout like nothing on the market today.

The OmniBall® enhances your range of motion and flexibility like no other device. 

The OmniBall - Bodyweight Training like never before.

The more you use the OmniBall®, the more uses you find for it.

The OmniBall® gives you proprietary exercises for amazing lower body toning, and anyone can use it.

Buy the OmniBall®:
The OmniBall® is available to purchase direct from the supplier. Click on the button below to contact supplier.
OmniBall® is looking for Australian distributor:
OmniBall® is looking to appoint an Australian distributor to supply the product locally in Australia. If you are interested please contact or enquire below.


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